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How to Talk to a Program Officer

Nov 17, 2022

Hi, colleagues:

I interviewed 100 people about their best grant writing advice for scholars. The tip that came up most often was: speak to a program officer.

But what are you supposed to ask, what will you learn, when should you reach out, and what’s the right way to approach these conversations? Learn this and more on:

December 14

1 - 2pm EST

Live via Zoom

I’m hosting a question and answer session with Dr. Brian Smith, a former program officer for the National Science Foundation. 

You may not be interested in applying for National Science Foundation funding. But learning what program officers do at funders and how to develop a relationship with a program officer is a key grant writing skill. It will help you write better grants for any funder. 

Register Now (It’s Free!)

As one scholar said about our last question and answer session, attending these sessions is like getting to sit in on an informational interview. You hear questions you didn’t even know to ask yet.

See you on December 14! As always, thank you for reading and believing that scholars deserve support for incredible ideas.


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P.S. If you know someone who might be interested in this free session, would you mind forwarding this email to them? There shouldn’t be insiders and outsiders in academia. We can help each other by sharing what we know.

P.P.S. What’s your opinion on bagel seasoning on bread rolls? Our house is divided on this issue, so we’ve resorted to seasoning “patterns” on our rolls. Here’s a recipe for no knead rolls if you’re looking for one. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Caption: No Knead bread rolls with bagel seasoning.