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Free Masterclass on Grant Writing

May 27, 2022

The job market’s terrible. Funding rates are low. Yet you’re here, dreaming about powerful ideas that will make our world better. What if you didn’t have to chase these dreams alone? 

Join me for my free masterclass on June 15, from 1pm - 2pm EDT (Boston time). I’m covering the recipe for fundable grants. And then I’m opening it up for Q&A so we can troubleshoot issues you’re dealing with right now. Issues like:

+Can grant writing actually work for me? I’m in an area that’s not fundable.

+I don’t know how to find grants. 

+I’m not sure if grant writing is worth my time, especially for specific types of grants. 

Plus I’ll share what’s inside my new Grant Writing Fundamentals course. 

So register for the masterclass on the recipe for fundable grants. 

See you on June 15.


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P.P.S. What are your favorite board games? I’m always looking for a good two-player game. Qwixx is my new favorite. It’s quick, but involves strategy.